Miracle on Seraph Street

Giving? Why is it that the people who give the most are happiest and their passions for doing so cannot be quantified? Through the work of the Campus Ministry Core Team and Saint Bonaventure Family, the simple gift of giving spread light and joy to those most in need. On the evening of December 12th, “Miracle on Seraph Street” took hold and provided a joyous night for the parents and students from the R.A.I.N. Project in Camarillo and the Lighthouse Mission in Ventura. Filling the night for these families was a warm buffet dinner, the opportunity to play carnival games, decorate cookies, build ginger bread houses, make ornaments, watch a reenactment of the Nativity, play in the snow, and even take pictures with Santa.

Although initially directed towards the children of the underprivileged, that one night brought a glimpse of hope and comfort to all, and that was a Christmas Miracle. For it was only four hours, and for most families it was the only true present they would be receiving all season, and that at times that became too harsh of a reality. As Santa remarked, “When kids sat down and told me what they wanted for Christmas, I heard everything from a bicycle to a pony, but the things that struck me the most were when a three year old child asked me for her mom back and another child just wanted to be loved…that’s when I had to pause.”

Moments such as these are remembered the most, and asks themself, “What is the true meaning of Christmas?” You learn what the season is really about and stop in the middle of the day to thank God for all you have. The “Miracle on Seraph Street” has left a profound mark on the history of Saint Bonaventure High School, and is surely an event that will go down in the books. When asked about how he felt the outcome was, Mr. Groff, principal of Saint Bonaventure High stated he was “beyond proud.” This meant so much to all of the volunteers who participated in the event. To see not only a school, but rather an entire community come together for one night and give of themselves so little, but to have such a profound impact on the lives of many is an accomplishment. The Christmas of 2010 is when the Saint Bonaventure family found the spirit of giving. But then again, was it ever lost?

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